August 1994

Tim Berners-Lee is publishing this piece about www3 and how to obtain access to a “client” and
I am a Junior in high school with my first PC using telnet to access a local bulletin board system (BBS) to chat, post and, most importantly, make text blink. 😉

The best part of the old BBS was that there were no images, but that changed quickly and before I knew it beauties like this appeared:

[image Coca-Cola/McDonalds web site circa 1994]

I think it’s fascinating that a medium that was created to link associated text has become driven by images. Images that have the power for both good and evil. Now your Internet experience is completely wrapped up in images with sites like Pinterest taking over large swaths of online traffic.

Almost 20 years later and “clients” have been replaced with apps. Since 1994 the amount of information on the web exploded to such an uncontrollable amount that sites and applications were developed to deliver content to the user instead of making the user go to the content. But with these tools came a loss of identity and branding as the Internet moved from being an information tool to a marketing tool. Now it has evolved into a social tool, what does this mean for the content we find online? So far it seems to mean more images than ever before.

I wonder what the Internet will be next…