I was reminded a week ago of just how real the digital divide is. While visiting “home” (Wichita, Kansas population 384,445 (July 2011, US Census Bureau)) I encountered a very unique and bizarre 72 hours.

Somehow I had more access to technology at the rest stops scattered across Iowa during my 22 hour drive than I had in the 48 hours that I spent in the homes of my friends and family. This is not right and for those of us who are tech savvy it’s entirely too easy to forget about. I know I had forgotten what life was like BT (before technology).

Also, I get mad with I hear the term “accessibility” in regards to devices because I assume it refers to access by those with a physical handicap. Not true at all. Access, by definition, as a verb: Obtain, examine, or retrieve. If you don’t have access to the laptop, the mobile device or even the internet, there is still an accessibility issue.

I’m guilty of forgetting, but now I remember.