Continuing the conversation from Davidson’s Now We See IT, to Nielsen’s Reinventing Discovery we are still at the same point: group thinking as a “new” dynamic. How long will it take both students and educators to see the value of this “group think” and stop competing and work together? How long will it take education to catch up to society? When will we ALL stop fighting change? Unfortunately the bulk of the population still wants to refer to a single “expert” or a recognized association with a final word.

These and so many more questions are what keep me awake at night. Even I am guilty of thinking “I am right”, yet I still find myself looking at the American Academy of Pediatrics for tips on how to deal with the trials of toddlers/preschoolers, and when I stray from their knowledge I say, “it takes a village/there’s no ONE right way.” That doesn’t mean I don’t beat myself up thinking about it and agonizing over every decision, but at least I can confidently say that I rarely judge others when their decisions are different than mine.