KatieB’s recipe

I used to make this when I was on weight watchers as a filling, chocolaty treat. It’s about 200 calories per serving if I remember correctly (well, except the Nutella version) and it is SO yummy and much better for you than eating a candy bar. I have a few versions of this, so I’ll post them all.

* 1 cup ricotta cheese
* 4 packets Splenda or you can use about 4 tablespoons regular sugar.
* 1 tablespoon cocoa – you can find this in the baking section of your supermarket. Check the label and try for the one not ‘processed with alkaloids’ – there are more of the beneficial nutrients when not processed this way.
* 1 teaspoon vanilla OR almond extract

Mix it in a cup and eat it. You can adjust the cocoa and sugar to suit your needs.

Version 2

* 1/2 cup Ricotta cheese
* 2 tbsp honey or agave necta
* 2 tbsp cocoa powder –
* 1/2 tsp vanilla
* 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Mix in a bowl and eat

Nutella Version

* 3/4 cup ricotta cheese
* 1T plus 1t nutella spread
* 1t cocoa powder

Mix in a bowl and eat 🙂

All are awesome with fresh strawberries or other fruit. Or, more chocolate.