Joey’s 2nd birthday party was last Saturday. It was great fun, 11 adults and 8 kids. While the weather was cool for July the rain stayed away and we got to have it in the back yard. After a poll I chose a general sports theme, PERFECT for Joey. He called it his “ballgame” party all day long. I had sports stations all over the yard (basketball, tennis, golf, baseball) and our usual outdoor stuff (sandbox, water table, climbing cube).

The sandbox DH built for the 1st birthday party was a hit again this year

My niece Nora a/k/a the little red-haired girl (Charlie Brown)

How the adults spent the party (the mylar ball balloons were Joey’s favorite gift)

Tennis anyone?

MIL gave Joey a bubble machine. It was a huge hit

Bubble action photo

The cupcake cake

The birthday boy LOVED having everyone sing to him

Look at the grin of glee! Are they singing to MEEEEE? (cousin Charlie in the background)

mmmm, cake and ice cream

How Eli spent most of the party

Thanks for looking!