Here’s what I can remember from Joey’s birth… great fun having a baby 6 weeks early!

Went to hospital with bleeding 1:00 PM Friday, 7/20.  Given two ultrasounds to determine if placenta/lobe over cervix.  Bloodwork drawn to determine if blood is mine/baby’ s.  Admitted over night for observation.  Dilated to 1, 90% ephased, preterm labor due to irritation of cervix from bleeding.  Bleeding believed to be caused by placenta being low/next to cervix.  Stopped labor in afternoon with tributiline, but started bleeding heavily at 2 AM Saturday, 7/21.  Went into labor again, given pain meds, stopped labor with hydration, and was told I would be in hospital until Monday for observation.  Labor began again around 11 PM Saturday night.  Sunday, 7/22 – we decided not to stop labor a third time.  I was dilated to 4 and got an epidural at 5 AM on Sunday.  Labored all day.  Doctor Martin broke my water at 10:30 PM Sunday night and things started moving very fast after that!  Monday, 7/23 – Started pushing at 12:05 AM, baby was face up and kept sliding back down into uterus down between pushes.  Decided to use vacuum for assistance and had the baby out on the third push with the vacuum.

Joseph Carl
1:21 AM
5 lbs, 13 oz
19 3/4 in

Joey looks good but goes into NICU because of some breathing problems.  Put on high flow oxygen via a cannula and given an IV and NG tube.  Not fed through NG tube until we know he’s breathing well, so on IV for 1.5 days.  Gets jaundiced because he’s not eating and not peeing/pooping out bilirubin.  Gets fed through ng tube on 7/25, tries bottle on 7/26.
Friday, 7/27 – off oxygen, moved to immediate care nursery, cannula and ng tubes removed.  1st breastfeeding attempt – latch and some sucking
Saturday,7/28 –  circumsized, lactation consultant
Sunday, 7/29 – first sponge bath, lactation consultant, car seat test
Monday, 7/30 – picture taken, Joey comes home (5 lbs 6 oz)!