I recently read an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about one academic’s experience abroad. He was asked to pay for books he’d requested through ILL. This got me to thinking…

  • A lot of people do not realize or recognize the costs hidden in managing a library
  • How cool is it that many large universities participate in ILL when they lend more than they borrow (and shame on those who don’t participate!)
  • Why do the forms (although i agree, we have GOT to find a better, seamless way) prevent people from using ILL when they money they are paying for taxes, tuition, etc is paying for it? To me this is like ordering food at a restaurant and not eating it.

What do you think? When was the last time you used ILL? Why don’t more people use it in public libraries? I know so many people who haven’t used a library since they graduated… we’re here for more than just research!