Some of you know I’ve been going to grad school FOREVER to get my MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science). It feels like I will never graduate. I took last Summer / Fall off for the wedding (which I’m glad I did), but it just delayed the end which is frustrating. Even more scary now is the fact that I only have 4 classes left and I don’t know what I want to do anymore! I still want to work in information organization / access, but do I really want to be an academic librarian?! I switched from secondary ed to english lit as an undergrad because I didn’t want to teach students who were like me at 15-18. DUH! College freshmen are only one year past that (in years, not mentality, personality or experience). Do I really want to be here?

Even more scary I went to an event for special libraries (medical, legal corporate) last night. Everyone I spoke with said the same thing – stay in academia. Be patient, find your perfect job, the market is really cold right now.

UGH! They told us (2-5 years ago) that there would be this mass exodus of librarians because of retirement. Let’s be honest, librarians don’t retire, they die. It’s a cush job – who would want to leave it?

*** SIGH ***

What to do?!